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Summer Sprays

Its time for picnics and trail walks. Mosquitos love me and I am allergic to them, so I keep these lavender sprays handy, weather I am on the sidelines or on the beach.

We use 2 oz purple spray bottles, but any color or size will do, check the travel section of your drug store

Kid Friendly Bug Spray

1 tsp carrier oil – we use glycerin or jojoba

1 tsp witch hazel

15 drops lavender oil

2 tbsp water

Combine in Spray Bottle

For kids that donโ€™t want to be sprayed trying spraying onto rope bracelets or felt stickers that will hold the scent.

Cotton Rope Bracelets come in many colors and sizes. Spray can be reapplied as needed.
Felt stickers can be placed on clothes, back packs, strollers, hats. These are more disposable as they only last as long as the sticker keeps sticking and should be removed to wash clothes – look for them in craft stores – Stickers come in a variety of colors and shapes – round – butterfly – owls – flowers as shown

Stronger Blend

1 cup of witch hazel
15 drops citronella
15 drops lemon grass
5 drops lavender
5 drops peppermint.

This has a citronella smell – which is not our favorite – the bugs agree and stay away. If you are heading into the woods or black fly country – this may be more effective –


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