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Road trip season

2 ingredients for car freshener baking soda & lavender oil

Summer is on the way -If you need help keeping your car fresh – we have two ideas.

The first is a mini mason jar with a potpourri top – these are available at craft stores. They fit easily into cup holders – I keep mine in the cargo hold with my four legged travelers. Fill with Baking Soda and ad. 10 drops of essential oil – your choice on fragrance – we use lavender – Mix together and put on the top – you are good to go- You can replace baking soda and lavender oil as needed.

Second up – is a wooden clothespin – Let drops of lavender oil soak into the wood and clip onto your air vent – Not gorgeous – but it works –

At home, you can use the clothespin trick on floor vents – remove the vent and clip underneath and replace the vent – so it is unseen

You can also keep a lavender sachet in your car. To refreshen, spray with lavender spray as needed.


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