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Lavender and Rice DIYs

Scrap Fabric – cotton or flannel work well – Plain Regular White Rice (not instant or quick cooking), Lavender Buds and Lavender Oil are all you need.

Generally, we mix 3-4 cups of rice with 1 cup of lavender buds and 10 drops of lavender oil for filling

Use what you have….no lavender buds – just use the oil – no lavender oil? Stop by our stand or use the fragrance of your choice.

For most projects face 2 pieces of fabric with right side facing. Sew 3 sides to make a pouch – hand or machine – or fabric glue – Leave one side open to fill the pouch and then sew the final side – Don’t over fill – you want it to about ¾ full at most.

For a heating pad sew a 15 x 30” pouch

For Hand Warmers 5” squares – you can use precut quilting fat quarter bundles –

For Eye Pillows – 5” x 10” pouch

Don’t want to sew? – Fill a clean/new sock and tie off the top. Baby socks from the dollar store are a good size for hand warmers

All of these are personal preference – Feel free to adjust filling and fabric measurements as you see fit and relax:)

TO USE: Microwave in 1 minute increments for warm therapy. Pop in the freezer for a couple of hours for cold therapy.


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