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DIY Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs are fun to make and give – An easy activity for all ages.

To make paper pulp – many recommend recycling any non glossy paper using a paper shredder and a blender – but I am not a fan of this method. I like to use Shredded Paper Filler also known as Gift Wrap crinkle which is easy to soak and comes in lots of colors – including purple:)

Purple Crinkle Paper

I add the crinkled paper into a bowl and cover with a ยผ cup of warm water and let it sit for the paper to soak up the water – Add 1/4 cup of flour and combine well – You can use a whisk or an egg beater, but I just use my hands. If it seems too wet – add more flour – Next Sprinkle in your lavender seeds – from a packet or your dried lavender – and mix it all together.

From here you can form balls with your hands – or fill mini muffin pans or silicone molds. I make small balls and put them in muffin pans to dry. Here is the hard part – let them dry for at 24 – 48 hours- Then you are good to go –

You can gift in sachet bags or fill a flower pot. In the northeast – plant in the spring – in full sun, well drained soil –


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