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Lavender Wands – How To

Pick your lavender after the morning dew has evaporated. Use long stems 8”


• 7-15 lavender buds/flowers, with long stems- 8”. You need an odd number of stems for the weaving to work.

• 2 yards of 1/4″ (0.5cm) ribbon

• Scissors

• A toothpick

• A spoon

Lay the lavender stems side by side, with the flowers staggered in two rows. Staggering the flowers makes a long slender wand, whereas lining all the flowers up on the same level makes a short fat, fat, wand.

Tie ribbon tightly around the stems at the base of the flowers. Leave at least a 10″ loose end – you’ll need it to make a finishing knot later on. Leave the other end of the ribbon attached to the spool.

Gently squash the stems with the edge of a spoon, just next to the ribbon. This makes them easier to bend without snapping in the next step.

Bend the stems to form a “cage” around the flowers. Run the loose end of the ribbon alongside the flowers, to poke out of the bottom of the cage. Let the spool-end of the ribbon poke out between the bars at the top of the cage

Weave the spool-end of the ribbon under and over the lavender stems. If flowers stick out between the stems and ribbon, poke them back into place with a toothpick.

Keep weaving until you reach the place where the flowers end. Then go back to the start, and pull the ribbon tight. Take up any slack ribbon and work it all the way through, to make the weaving nice and snug. The lavender will shrink as it dries, so weaving tightly is important.

Finish: Wrap the spool-end of the ribbon around the base a few times, then tie it to the loose-end that you left at the bottom of the cage

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Flower Crowns

Flower crowns can be made from many types of flowers, either fresh or artificial. The first crowns we ever made were from daisies. Here are directions using fresh lavender and baby’s breath. Look for long stemmed french lavender – Grosso, Phenomenal or Provence varieties


Wired floral twine

Floral stem wire

Floral tape

Wire cutter/floral pruners

• Fresh lavender

• Fresh baby’s breath

Using wired floral twine, measure out the length of the headband by wrapping it around the crown of your head. Make sure it rests comfortably where you plan to wear it. Add 1-2 inches on both ends and fold to create hooks to twist together.

Cut your stems in the morning if you can. Wrap stems around your wire band. Securing with floral tape as needed. Your floral design is up to you:)