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How to pick lavender

Early morning is best – wear your boots:)

You can keep fresh lavender in water for about 10 days- change the water every three days.

To dry – hang upside down in a dry space out of direct sunlight. Put a pillow case on the floor to catch the buds that may fall off while you are drying

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DIY Foaming Soap

Foaming Soap is all about the Dispenser. Glass, plastic, stainless steel – there are lots of choices that you refill again and again. You can find them at Amazon, Walmart, Target and Wayfair. If you previously purchased a plastic foaming soap at the grocery store – you can just refill that too.

Are you ready for the magic recipe? Liquid Soap and Water. That’s it. Use a 4:1 ratio – 4 cups of water to 1 cup of soap.

4 cups of water – tap or distilled
1 cup of castille liquid soap
10 drops of lavender oil – or scent of your choice

You can make any liquid soap foam – shampoo, body wash, dish soap or hand soap. Have leftover bar soap? Cut it up and add 4 cups of water – let sit to dissolve a day or so – shake it to mix – and you are good to go.

Castille Soap is mild and easy on the skin – but you can add a Tablespoon of glycerine, aloe or jojoba oil

We like to reuse Mason Jars with The tops shown below.

Make a foaming soap dispenser from a mason jar

Mason Jar Foaming Pump at Amazon

Get ready to watch your soaps last longer.

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DIY Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs are fun to make and give – An easy activity for all ages.

To make paper pulp – many recommend recycling any non glossy paper using a paper shredder and a blender – but I am not a fan of this method. I like to use Shredded Paper Filler also known as Gift Wrap crinkle which is easy to soak and comes in lots of colors – including purple:)

Purple Crinkle Paper

I add the crinkled paper into a bowl and cover with a ¼ cup of warm water and let it sit for the paper to soak up the water – Add 1/4 cup of flour and combine well – You can use a whisk or an egg beater, but I just use my hands. If it seems too wet – add more flour – Next Sprinkle in your lavender seeds – from a packet or your dried lavender – and mix it all together.

From here you can form balls with your hands – or fill mini muffin pans or silicone molds. I make small balls and put them in muffin pans to dry. Here is the hard part – let them dry for at 24 – 48 hours- Then you are good to go –

You can gift in sachet bags or fill a flower pot. In the northeast – plant in the spring – in full sun, well drained soil –

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DIY Fire Starters

For Fire places and Fire pits

Your gorgeous bunch of lavender – is starting to shed – You keep wiping up buds from the table – What to do? Add fragrance to your next fire.

Fire Starter Bundles in a Bag

There are two ways to go – use a small paper bag and crumble the remainder of your bunch into the bag and tie with a string – throw in with your kindling.

Alternatively, tie the bundle with cotton string into a tight small cord and throw in with your kindling

Tied Bunch for Fire Starter
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Lavender and Rice DIYs

Scrap Fabric – cotton or flannel work well – Plain Regular White Rice (not instant or quick cooking), Lavender Buds and Lavender Oil are all you need.

Generally, we mix 3-4 cups of rice with 1 cup of lavender buds and 10 drops of lavender oil for filling

Use what you have….no lavender buds – just use the oil – no lavender oil? Stop by our stand or use the fragrance of your choice.

For most projects face 2 pieces of fabric with right side facing. Sew 3 sides to make a pouch – hand or machine – or fabric glue – Leave one side open to fill the pouch and then sew the final side – Don’t over fill – you want it to about ¾ full at most.

For a heating pad sew a 15 x 30” pouch

For Hand Warmers 5” squares – you can use precut quilting fat quarter bundles –

For Eye Pillows – 5” x 10” pouch

Don’t want to sew? – Fill a clean/new sock and tie off the top. Baby socks from the dollar store are a good size for hand warmers

All of these are personal preference – Feel free to adjust filling and fabric measurements as you see fit and relax:)

TO USE: Microwave in 1 minute increments for warm therapy. Pop in the freezer for a couple of hours for cold therapy.

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Lavender Eye Pillows

Our lavender eye pillows are filled with lavender buds and flax seed.

Hot and Cold Therapy

You can heat in the microwave for 10 minutes or Place in the freezer for a couple of hours before use. Directions are on the label.

Help relieve migraines, headaches, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Take it to Yoga or Meditation sessions. Keep one on your nightstand

Lavender Tranquility